Emergency - 911

[icon name=”house-fire” prefix=”fas”] Life Threatening Emergency

If you see fire, experience a destructive earthquake, a crime being committed, or any person experiencing trauma or harm, call 911.


[icon name=”truck-medical” prefix=”fas”] Medical Emergency

If a person is any of the following:

  • Unresponsive
  • In extreme pain
  • Bleeding profusely
  • Unable to move
  • Confused or unable to state their name or location
  • Asking for medical assistance

               Call 911

If you suspect a medical emergency but are unsure of the severity, please call the Non-Emergency Fire Paramedics 1-800-688-8000

Stay with the injured party until help arrives. If your own safety is compromised, leave the person and try to maintain visual contact.


[icon name=”house-chimney-crack” prefix=”fas”] Earthquake

  • Drop — Cover — Hold
  • Inside: Avoid windows and unsecured furniture
  • Outside: Move to a clear area, away from poles and wires
  • When the shaking stops, remain in place and survey your situation
  • If your building or home appears to be unsafe, begin evacuation if it is safe to do so
  • Assemble at your designated meeting point or the Hollywood Bowl parking lots
  • Use text communication rather than telephone communication
  • For more information, please click here.

[icon name=”arrows-to-circle” prefix=”fas”] Evacuation Point

You are encouraged to make a communication and evacuation plan from your home or business.

If you have not made a plan or are unable to carry it out, please assemble at the parking lots of The Hollywood Bowl.

If the Bowl is unsafe, please assemble at the Dorothy & Benjamin Smith Park or the Highland Camrose Park.

Await further instruction from emergency personnel and staff.


[icon name=”gauge-high” prefix=”fas”] Non-emergency Contacts

If you have a non-emergency, please refer to the numbers and websites listed on our homepage.


[icon name=”up-right-from-square” prefix=”fas”] Stay Informed!

You can sign up alerts from the City and County of Los Angeles

For a list of Los Angeles-based news and media operations, click here.


[icon name=”circle-info” prefix=”fas”] For More Information

For more information on planning for emergencies and training

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