Andrea Falco


Hi, I’m Andrea Falco! My husband, John, 3 adult children (20, 22, 25), 1 girlfriend and 4 dogs moved to California in October, 2021. Originally from NY, we raised our kids in NJ, spent 3 years in Dallas,  when on a whim decided Los Angeles was our next chapter.

Why Outpost Estates? We found the perfect house, in a beautiful walking friendly neighborhood, close to everything!

I appointed myself Membership Chair because making connections, making people feel heard and welcome are very important to me. Then within a short period of time, the President Position became available and I stepped up to the plate. My energy and enthusiasm will hopefully be contagious, as we move forward with our goals.

I, also, currently volunteer at the Emergency Room at Cedars Sinai. When I am not traveling, I am visiting friends and family, cooking, entertaining, walking and hiking or exploring and dining out. 

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